PCTCAN Services

Technology Parks differ from conventional business parks or industrial areas in that they require a stable management body to provide a set of services for companies, workers, and society. Services that aim to improve the competitiveness of companies, increase innovation, and promote work-life balance.

The Park Management Company is currently working on the implementation and management of a set of services aimed at making the PCTCAN a quality environment for the establishment of technologically advanced companies.


PCTCAN offers you a variety of multi-purpose and fully equipped rooms that you can rent for hours. Booking spaces is subject to the rates in effect, with special conditions for companies who are staying at the Park.


The PCTCAN is a high-quality environment with unique buildings and technologically advanced infrastructures.

These include:


The PCTCAN has a wide range of parking facilities, both on the surface, with a total of approximately 1,400 parking spaces distributed throughout the park, and underground, with a car park located in the centre of the western area with a 950-vehicle capacity.

Transport network

In the PCTCAN, you’ll find a taxi rank and three bus stops for the Santander Municipal Urban Transport Service bus network (Servicio Municipal de Transportes Urbanos de Santander), with the following lines: No. 1 PCTCAN-Odriozola, No. 13 Lluja-Cueto y Nº24 PCTCAN-San Martin_PCTCAN


This platform makes it easy for drivers and passengers to get in touch for carpooling to and from the park.

Cycle lanes and bike loan points

Two integrated TUSBic points of the existing network. PCTCAN is currently connected to Santander and Bezana by cycle lanes.

Communications network

To let ICT companies grow without limits and avoid putting their future in danger, a communications network has been set up in PCTCAN with enough reserve tubes to let more fibre optic cables be laid.

The communications network of the PCTCAN allows connection to the most important networks in the country, such as the IRIS network, one of the fundamental tools for the work of researchers.

Electricity and gas networks

A 12-megawatt electricity substation has been built to guarantee electricity supply to the PCTCAN. A gas network has been laid to supply both the East and West Zones in order to ensure that the companies that set up in the PCTCAN have everything they need.

CCTV and video surveillance network

The entire PCTCAN development has surveillance cameras with continuous recording of images.


In order to bring innovation closer to society as a whole, the park has numerous services aimed at promoting work-life balance and the dissemination of R&D&I content.

Among others, and already in operation, the following stand out:

Conference room and meeting rooms

PCTCAN offers its Conference Room, which has a 120-seat capacity, extendable up to 160, to companies that require it. It comes equipped with the most modern audiovisual systems.

There are also three meeting rooms in the Building 3000 Incubator available to companies in the Park. The rooms, with a capacity of up to 16 people, have audiovisual equipment and WiFi connectivity.

The Xtela Tower has a multi-purpose room with a 50-person capacity and a meeting room with a 12-person capacity. Both rooms have audiovisual equipment and Wi-Fi connectivity.

In the Bisalia Building, there are plans to set up a multi-purpose space for holding different types of events, courses, and meetings between companies. 


PCTCAN offers bar, café and restaurant “100Cia” services to the Park’s companies, as well as to any external user.


The PCTCAN nursery, managed by Escuelas Infantiles CHIQUITIN, has three classrooms that meet the requirements set for first-cycle nursery schools, a restroom, adapted children’s toilets, shared use areas such as the games room, the multi-purpose room and two playgrounds.

The nursery has the capacity to serve a total of 38 children between the ages of 0 and 3 years old.

Student residence

The European University of the Atlantic student residence has 36 shared flats of 115 m2, with four single rooms, 57 studios for 2 people, and 6 studios adapted for disabled people. Residents also have a 130 m2 common room equipped with a TV for various propuses, a dining room and restaurant, study and computer rooms that allow students to concentrate on their work, a 335 m2 gym, a laundry and ironing area, an outdoor common square and green area of 400 m2, and a car park.


PCTCAN’s membership in different networks and associations

A park is not an isolated system, but a node within a much larger network. Companies that set up in it can get a lot of benefits from being part of the networks that the park is part of.

Spanish Association of Science and Technology Parks (APTE)

Since its foundation in 2004 as an associate member, and since 2009 as a full member, the PCTCAN belongs to the Spanish Association of Science and Technology Parks (APTE). Being a member of this association allows PCTCAN to stay up to date with all the activities in which it participates, and to pass this information on to the companies installed in the park. apte.org


PCTCAN User Community

The PCTCAN Management Company, which is the developer of the Science and Technology Park of Cantabria, has helped to set up the Park Users’ Community and sign the Internal Regulations for users. These rules govern how the Science and Technology Park of Cantabria is managed, used, and operated.

Emergency plan

PCTCAN has undertaken extensive work to develop an emergency plan for the entire park. This document identifies possible situations that would require immediate and organised action from all PCTCAN companies and workers in the event of a serious event or imminent danger.

Business activity coordination

The Management Company is also responsible for the coordination of business activities within the Park. The purpose of this procedure is to ensure compliance with current health and safety regulations, and to promote and cooperate in the elimination or reduction of occupational hazards within PCTCAN.